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Directors Circle

Mar 26, 2019

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Brad Townsend who is the director of bands at the University of Pittsburgh. He shares his thoughts on developing music programs at multiple universities, entering as a new director in a program that is rich in tradition, taking student input into consideration for show planning, and implementing growth in a collegiate program. 


Topics discussed: Entering a new program, working at the university level, effective problem solving through teaching, program growth, utilizing student leaders to advocate for your program, 


Dr. Brad Townsend is Director of Bands at the University of Pittsburgh and oversees the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band, Pep Bands, and Symphonic Band.  Since his appointment in 2013 the band has grown in size and performance quality. The Pitt band has performed at numerous bowl games as well as high school and college band exhibitions across the state of Pennsylvania.

Prior to his appointment at Pitt, Dr. Townsend taught at Oregon State University, Temple University,  Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, and Iroquois High School in Erie, Pennsylvania.