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Directors Circle

Dec 10, 2019

This episode features my interview with leadership expert, Scott Lang. Scott is an internationally known speaker and advocate for music education. As a lead author and contributor to publications like “Leader Of The Band” and “Be Part Of The Music”, Scott has helped in leading thousands of students in start their adventures in music. 


Topics include:

(04:37) Scott talks about his life and professional background

(05:27) Scott talks about his background of being an administrator

(10:05) The most exciting aspects of leadership 

(14:37) The most important leadership quality to have

(18:20) Scott’s favorite resources on leadership development

(21:37) Teaching leadership to different demographics

(30:26) Scott talks about how he began Be Part Of The Music

(34:34) The biggest things needed to get a kid hooked on music. 

(38:37) How do we define musical success? 

(41:07) Favorite rehearsal tactics

(47:14) Music Advocacy - No One Cares! (and what we can do to change it!)

(51:32) Why do we teach music? (and what really matters in making administrative decisions!)

(56:05) Scott discusses leaders that have made an impact on his life 

(58:34) Advice for music educators



Scott’s Website:

Be Part Of The Music website:



For over a decade, Scott Lang has been educating and entertaining audiences of all ages. As a nationally known leadership trainer, Scott conducts over 120 workshops annually and works with some of our countries finest educational groups and performing ensembles.

As a highly decorated veteran teacher of sixteen years Scott's bands have had many notable performances including the Pasadena Tournament of Rose Parade, the Music Educators National Biennial Conference and for the President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton.

Scott is a well regarded author with over ten publications to his credit including; Seriously?!, Leader of the Band, Leadership Success, Leadership Travel Guide, Leadership Survival Guide, Sound Leadership and is the creator of the highly successful Be Part of the Music series.

Mr. Lang currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his beautiful wife Leah and their sons, Brayden, Evan and their highly irrational Golden Retriever Rexie. He has breathed in and out approximately 264 million times and plans to keep on doing so until he doubles that number.