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Directors Circle

Aug 20, 2019

Frank Parker is director of bands at Quakertown High School in Quakertown, PA. In his program, Frank  teaches a wide range of ensembles including two concert bands, two jazz bands, and the award winning Panther Marching band. As a highly sought after conductor, Frank has been featured as a guest conductor at many honors band festivals and has also directed his students in performances at several state and national level music education conferences. 


Topics include:

(03:53) Frank talks about his background and making the decision to change his college major from business to music performance to music education. 

(07:50) Frank talks about his band program at Quakertown High School. 

(09:36) Bringing a new director into a program

(12:00) Mentoring young teachers

(15:31) Selecting repertoire 

(20:01) “If I knew then what I know now” 

(24:14) Common elements of thriving music programs 

(26:25) Building a sense of community within a program

(29:48) Balance and longevity of a career in music education 

(34:48) Factors that contribute to teacher and student stress/burnout

(42:50) Sustaining a successful program

(46:11) Frank’s favorite rehearsal tactics 

(48:25) Frank discusses leaders that have influenced him in his life/career

(53:05) What does excellence look like in a program? 

(55:35) Three words that describe a leader of a comprehensive music program 

(57:41) Advice for music educators 

(1:00:01) Being remembered as a leader for your music program


Quakertown HS Wind Symphony performance at 2017 PMEA Conference:

2018 Quakertown HS Panther Marching Band:

Quakertown HS Q-Jazz Jazz Ensemble: